Tag: DeFi

August 17, 2022

LunarCrush is building a DeFi suite to give more value to its community. In part two of Cryptonites’ interview with LunarCrush’s Joe Vizzani and John Farjo, the founders of the social analytics platform talk about what it means to provide value to their community. Speaking to Cryptonites’ Alex Fazel, Vizani said that LunarCrush’s value lies in […]

June 15, 2022

  The Venus Protocol: Introducing DeFi to the People It appears that achieving mass adoption necessitates a centralized approach. Projects like the Venus Protocol, on the other hand, indicate that bringing DeFi to the public is doable by striking a balance between the security of decentralization and the convenience of use that centralized services provide. […]

May 31, 2022

  Cardano TVL Recovers To $155 Million After Jumping 30% In 24 Hours Since it introduced smart contract features on the network, Cardano has been making waves in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. The network’s development has accelerated, making it the network with the most active development. The total value locked (TVL) on the network […]

May 18, 2022

  Polygon is launching an accelerator program in collaboration with Orbs and DeFi.org. In a significant move for the decentralized finance field, Ethereum scaling platform Polygon has joined up with layer-3 project Orbs to offer a program that helps DeFi builders via the DeFi accelerator platform DeFi.org. Polygon and DeFi.org said in an announcement that […]

May 3, 2022

More than $1.6B abused from DeFi in 2022 so far The decentralized finance or DeFi space has been flush with hacks, exploits and cheatings so far this year, with more than $1.6B in crypto stolen from users, exceeding the whole amount stolen in 2020 and 2021 together. Estimation from blockchain security company CertiK disclosed the […]

April 29, 2022

Former Blockstream Executive says DeFi is not decentralized Samson Mow is the former main strategy officer at Blockstream. He is also the founder of JAN3. He is sure that most decentralized finance programs can’t play against Bitcoin when it comes to giving a beneficial monetary web because of their scarcity of decentralization. As Mow brought […]

April 25, 2022

AkuDreams dev squad locks up $33M for smart contract bug The highly predicted nonfungible token project Akutars was damaged by both an exploit and a bug, causing over 11,500 Ether pricing almost $33M, to be closed up forever within a smart contract, elusive even to the development squad. The exploit was performed by someone striving […]

April 18, 2022

Beanstalk Farms lost $182M in DeFi governance exploit Credit-based stablecoin protocol Beanstalk Farms lost all of its $182M collateral from a safety violation caused by 2 sinister governance plans and a flash loan assault. The danger for the protocol was planted by suspicious governance proposals BIP-18 and BIP-19 issued on April 16 by the exploiter […]

April 8, 2022

Interlay initiates a new protocol for BTC’s reciprocal connection XCC is placed as a supporting mechanism to XCLAIM, a procedure that acts as the foundational layer for Interlay’s BTC one to one backed asset interBTC. Interoperability web Interlay has published a 21-page specialized whitepaper, named XCC, supporting the coming growth of cross-blockchain interoperability solutions to […]