About Us

Mission: “To empower people with the knowledge of digital assets underlying Blockchain technology which is going to disrupt traditional economy.”

Dcryptonews is a part of eSrot Consulting Labs Pvt. Ltd and operates as an independent portal of its own. At Dcryptonews, we intend to focus on educating our readers about Blockchain and its potential impact on the traditional financial systems has grown with the Cryptocurrency.

Dcryptonews is primarily a customised news platform that publishes news in a quick and easy to read layout.  For learning, we write our own set of educational material based on the information that covers Cryptocurrency news, technical analysis & forecasts for bitcoin and other altcoins. We are also a research and analysis company doing research in crypto currencies and its trend with forecast.

Here at Dcryptonews, we brings you Crypto and Blockchain news from around the world in your palm for read in 60 seconds. We understand that people are so busy and tied up on their daily work and commute and hardly have much time to read full news therefore, we help them in reading the full news 5X faster than any other platform. We do this by keeping our most news within 300 words that can be read  in 60 seconds. This way they can read multiple news at the pace of 5X than other platforms. We are committed to provide you the best news on blockchain and crypto domain and serve you the best readable formats.