Interlay initiates a new protocol for BTC’s reciprocal connection with DeFi

April 8, 2022

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Interlay initiates a new protocol for BTC’s reciprocal connection

XCC is placed as a supporting mechanism to XCLAIM, a procedure that acts as the foundational layer for Interlay’s BTC one to one backed asset interBTC. Interoperability web Interlay has published a 21-page specialized whitepaper, named XCC, supporting the coming growth of cross-blockchain interoperability solutions to unfasten an abundance of potential within the decentralized finance or DeFi ecosystem.

As a Polkadot or DOT parachain, Interlay is concentrating its actions on opening courses of communication and interaction between BTC’s currency-native ecosystem and the broader functionalities of the DeFi space with webs such as Ethereum and Polkadot.

The recently-inaugurated XCC procedure serves as an additional layer of XCLAIM, which was inaugurated to the market in 2018. This facilitates greater asset sovereignty during cross-chain actions like wrapping and uniting Bitcoin multisigs with devices commonly native to the Ethereum web-like commit chains. To approve the purported advantages of threat revulsion and capital efficiency, the XCC asset will only be accessible within curated DeFi applications.

As per the assessment, XCC assures that any BTC that is staked long term and is not aimed to be moved can virtually publish its collateral and that this can then be used again to ensure other, liquid BTC being linked enabling lockers to fulfil more users with the same collateral.

Interlay co-founder & CEO Alexei Zamyatin conveyed his imagination for the future of XCC in phrases of decentralized adoption and a safety enhancement, saying, interBTC, intending to become the counterpart of DAI for BTC, already decentralized Bitcoin custody. Nonetheless, the objective always was to attain non-custodial BTC DeFi which is a very difficult crisis to solve. XCC sets a landmark in this regard, eventually enabling resilient and easy to use BTC DeFi.

A previous recipient of a Web3 Foundation grant, Interlay announced progressions to their wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) digital asset, kBTC, in mid-March, deploying the token onto their canary parachain Kintsugi. Already supported on the Polkadot native para chain protocols Karura and Moonriver, the move instigates their preparations for upcoming deployment across Cosmos and Ethereum sometime within the calendar year.

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