Stablecoins and Defi need to be regulated immediately, and the ECB won’t rule out a ban on bitcoin mining.

October 31, 2022

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Stablecoins and Defi need to be regulated immediately, and the ECB won’t rule out a ban on bitcoin mining.

A new European Central Bank (ECB) report, called “a deep dive into crypto financial risks,” calls for “proper” regulation and oversight of stable currencies and decentralized finance (challenge). It also addresses the hot topic of Bitcoin’s carbon footprint in Europe and suggests that proof-of-work mining may be banned. European Central Bank says Koin’s main development, regulatory regulation and tifi monitoring, saysFinancial risks of encryption, especially TiFi coins and websites, as well as a threat to climate change over intense encryption methods, the European Central Bank (ECP) is the center of the last microbetic version.

Macro-bulletin of the ECB Progress in the adoption and implementation of the EU integrated control package MiCA. The main EU institutions have recently agreed to this law. A controversial proposal to ban services for cryptocurrencies using proof of work (PoW) mining has been removed from the draft.ECB Calls for Immediate Regulation of Stable Currencies and Challenges No Ban on Bitcoin MiningMembers of the crypto industry and community have warned that such a move would equate to banning Bitcoin. But the European Central Bank article “Is the price of climate risk?” He argues that the authorities have been described as a “digital version of the electric vehicle” and that the authorities can restrict or ban instructions from POW under the name “Encryption of fossil fuels”. WhatThink of the authors: “Thus, although the attitude of government officials is possible, but it is not possible and possible political actions of officials (such as expressive requirements, carbon lines or transparent barriers for removal of cryptography or reserves). 2035, the European Union, The European Union, the European Union, will probably not control or ban fossil fuels cars, but they did not act against encryption securities, which, according to them, are more sufficient to deny greenhouse gas emissions in most euros.


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