Beanstalk Farms lost $182M in DeFi governance exploit

April 18, 2022

DAO Protocol

Beanstalk Farms lost $182M in DeFi governance exploit

Credit-based stablecoin protocol Beanstalk Farms lost all of its $182M collateral from a safety violation caused by 2 sinister governance plans and a flash loan assault. The danger for the protocol was planted by suspicious governance proposals BIP-18 and BIP-19 issued on April 16 by the exploiter that inquired for the procedure to provide funds to Ukraine.

Nevertheless, those plans had a vicious rider connected to them which eventually developed the sinkhole of accounts from the strategy according to smart contract auditor BlockSec. The exploited first took out $1B in flash loans from the AAVE protocol denominated in DAI, USD Coin, and Tether stablecoins. They used these reserves to collect enough assets to take over 67% of the procedure’s governance and authorize their own plans. Beanstalk Farms is a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin handing out the platform on Ethereum. This case wasn’t a hack as the reasonable contracts and governance protocols operate as designed.

The exploiter had made off with roughly $80M in Ether and Beans while the whole protocol lost its $182M in total value locked as per the PeckShield. BEAN is nowadays down about 83% trading at $0.17 but troughed at 0.06 dollars when the exploiter ditched their tokens. The exploiter traded BEAN for ETH and then sent the coins to Tornado Cash to enclose their digital paths.

Montoya said that the squad had reached out to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Center and willfully conspire with them to discover the perpetrators and restore funds. The strategy’s smart contracts have been halted and all governance privileges have been withdrawn by the committee. The squad did not answer back when Cointelegraph asked if they acknowledge the FBI has any legal alternative to assist them, but Publius understands this is a theft that should be interrogated.

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