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May 26, 2022

Perp Traders Remain Quiet As Bitcoin Fights To Retain Its $30,000 Level For the most part of this week, Bitcoin has been trying to stay over $30,000, failing more often than not. While other areas of the market, such as ETFs, have had varying reactions, perpetual traders appear to have seen this as a cue […]

April 6, 2022

Georgian Central Bank Organizes legislation to legislate the crypto market Georgia is a nation on the Black Sea and is formulating to legislate its digital currency market. The Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, Koba Gvenetadze said to The Financial on Monday that the central bank has formulated an agenda for regulatory regulation in […]

March 29, 2022

The Grayscale CEO said that all the things are on the table and the firm has put its full reserves into transforming its flagship BTC trust. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein said the company is all in for a legitimate battle if Grayscale‚Äôs Bitcoin Spot ETF commodity is refuted by the United States Securities and Exchange […]

The Conservative candidate for Prime Minister acknowledges Canadians should be unrestricted to use BTC and other crypto assets as currency in the Great White North. Pierre Poilievre, the Canadian Conservative Party candidate for Prime Minister, has appeared in assistance of enabling Canadians to use BTC as legal currency in the nation. Poilievre said on a […]

March 28, 2022

A Bitcoin jump was in the air on Sunday. The biggest virtual currency by market capitalization shot past $46,500. The rising is more than 4% over 2 hours to attain a 3 month high. Bitcoin (BTC) has gained above 12% since last Sunday after ascending 6 consecutive days, although it stays at its $47,740 beginning […]

GAO conducts to assist policymakers, comprising Congress, federal agencies, state and local governments, observing seamless blockchain enactment. As per the proposal of the United States Congress, the U.S. Government Accountability Office or GAO laid out 4 policy choices to assist policymakers to implement blockchain technologies while improving advantages and mitigating challenges. The technology assessment shared […]

February 28, 2022

  U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin Tether (USDT) noticed a rise of above 30% in the last five days against the Russian ruble, bringing out the adverse and sudden effect of the continuous war on the formal monetary system. As per the data, the ruble, RUB, is facing inflation as the USDT or RUB trading pair for […]

February 21, 2022

Bitcoin plunged under $40K last weekend and this increased the tension on Ukraine and Russia border and proceeded the inflationary motions. Whereas the value of the Renminbi gained over 10%. An evident exploit of OpenSea, the prominent NFT forum, further terrified investors away from crypto. Bitcoin and Ether by market capitalization was around $38,700 and […]