Solana bears 7th outage in 2022 as bots occupy the system

May 2, 2022

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Solana bears 7th outage in 2022 as bots occupy the system

NFT punching bots on Solana contributed over 4M transactions per sec, blowing validators out of consensus and slamming the system for over 7 hours. The Solana system endured a 7 hour outage overnight due to a huge number of transactions from the NFT coining bots. A record-breaking 4M transaction, or 100 gigabits of data per sec, clogged the system resulting in validators to be knocked out of agreement resulting in Solana getting on dark at around 8:00 pm UTC on Saturday. The bots collected a prominent application used by Solana NFT projects to inaugurate anthologies named Candy Machine.

Metaplex, the company corroborated that jam from bots on their application was partly to accuse for the web crash. Metaplex shared that it would be enforcing a 0.01 Solana, or $0.89, the charge on wallets that endeavors to obtain a weak transaction which the company said that is generally accomplished by bots that are blindly striving to mint.

The outage caused the rate of SOL, the blockchain’s old coin, to wreck by almost 7% to $84, although trading since has seen rates regain to just above $89. The most current outage marks the 7th time in 2022 that Solana has undergone outages. In January, the network was afflicted with problems affecting partial outages for between 8 and 18 hours.

Solana announced that high compute transactions resulted in a decrease in networkability. Later in January, over 29 hours of rest was recorded between the 21st and 22nd of January, with unreasonable duplicate transactions again resulting in network crowds and outages on the blockchain. In September 2021, Solana was slammed with a major outage with the system offline for over 17 hours.

Enterprise observers remarked on what has been often lauded as an Ethereum killer. Solana was the 2nd system to weaken under a notable transaction quantity associated with NFTs. The ETH transaction price surged to a standard of over $450 due to a discharge of 55,000 NFTs by Yuga Labs with some users paying up to 5 ETH, or 14000 dollars, in gas prices for transactions and much more to punch one of the NFTs.

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