The sale of the “Bowie on the Blockchain” NFTs by the David Bowie Estate has received criticism from fans

October 13, 2022


The sale of the “Bowie on the Blockchain” NFTs by the David Bowie Estate has received criticism from fans. David Bowie’s estate has just announced the launch of a set of non-fungible tokens (NFT) called Bowie on Blockchain. However, after the official announcement, many Bowie fans condemned the scheme and called it a pyramid scheme. The Bowie Blockchain Collections will be launched on September 13 at Opensea, with proceeds from the sale going to the global anti-poverty non-profit When it comes to NFTs, it seems like people either love them or hate them, and the recently launched “Bovie on the Blockchain” NFT collection has caused quite a reaction. D

Obeeni’s special tweet said, “He’ll go down on September 13 and put #boveontheblockchain.” The official announcement that all funds are donated for further maintenance of the BOVI -corrupt sales. Bowie’s widow, the famous supermodel, Iman, is a global campaigner for After the news was announced, many people dismissed the idea of ​​putting Bowie on the blockchain. “We are not with NFT Cuff or how to raise money for charity without using pyramid schemes,” wrote one user on David Bowie’s official Twitter page. Another commented: “David Bowie wouldn’t like this.” However, some disagreed, pointing out how Bowie created Bowie Bonds. Bowie bonds are asset-backed bonds backed by proceeds from Bowie’s album sales and live performances.

It was said in response to a person who insisted the now-deceased music legend didn’t want the NFT set to go: “He was such a pioneer of Bowie Bonds but lol he can go.” According to journalist Rolling Stone, John Boltin, Bowie’s immobility, went to “a boy for Black.” We found real estate on the Internet -3 investments that we love the art and colleague that Andrew Claire did in E -Mail E -Mail. “You understand how much you think it’s the art space, how much you understand how much you have participated – Bovi Art, Bovi World, Bovi Bonds, Bovi Net,” Claire said.

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