Playboy Joins The Sandbox Virtual World, with NFTs and Special Events to be Featured in the Lifestyle Firm’s Metamansion

September 25, 2022


Playboy Joins The Sandbox Virtual World, with NFTs and Special Events to be Featured in the Lifestyle Firm’s Metamansion. On July 11, Playboy, a lifestyle and entertainment company founded in 1953, announced a licensing partnership with The Sandbox, a blockchain-based virtual world. The two companies described the newly formed partnership as one that aims to bring a Playboy-themed “social gaming experience” to Metaverse viewers. Playboy enters the sandboxPLBY Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLBY), commonly known as Playboy, announced Monday that the company is partnering with a blockchain project called The Sandbox. Launched in March 2012, the Sandbox platform evolved from a two-dimensional (2D) game to a three-dimensional (3D) metauniverse based on Ethereum. Playboy Ads shows an authorizing collaboration with the Sandbox, and the company indicates that users can dive into “Matthaned”. Metamanson Sandbox-Graftped will have non-reputable tokens (NFT) sets, programmed programs, social sports and game experiences through the Flabooy Content Library.

Life and entertainment company has been part of Blaksein for some time. In March 2018, Playboy TV announced that it was launching a multi-currency wallet, but the plan reportedly collapsed after four months.In April 2021, Playboy announced that it had partnered with Nifty Gateway to launch an NFT collection called “Liquid Summer”. Next July, the entertainment company will team up with Super rare to release the Miami Beach NFT collection. A recent partnership with Sandbox includes NFTs and a “special experience for the Rabbit Playboy community”.”We are pleased to create a special game from Playboy and Playboy and Social Experience with Sandbox and its best projecting and development team,” said in the main brand and strategic officer. Rachel Weber.

“We can’t wait for our world players, especially robbed communities and sandwich masters. Playboy is one of the many brands that joined the Sandbox last year. On May 19, reported on Jamiroquai, an acid jazz-funk band working with the Web3 virtual world. Sandbox partnered with gaming giants Square Enix and Ubisoft to launch Dungeon Siege IP and Rapids into the land of blockchain gaming. Playboy has been a pioneer for 70 years, and the company believes that Blockchain’s world offers a dynamic base to open future waves. “Entertainment Company will continue to attract all generational users and website -3,” said Sebastian Bochket, Coo and Sandbox founder.”Playboy is a symbol of attractiveness, lifestyle and entertainment, who went beyond generations and came to the Internet with 3 initial success,” he said.

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