Blockchain organization busts alleged $20 Million NFT plunge sham before deal completion

February 18, 2022

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Recently, internet detective and Youtuber Coffeezilla published a recent video detailing how he along with members of the blockchain society, took a $20 million NFTs scam before it could come to fulfilment. Coffeezila said that a lot of user advertising earlier existed for a novel crypto program called Squiggles, which had an NFT plunge scheduled. Coffeezilla is known in the blockchain society for uncovering alleged hoaxers and enticing members to rug pulls.

However, Gavin, Gabe and Ali were all doxed by angry crypto fanatics for arranging the alleged rug pulls. As a result, they wanted to hire “stooges” to continue the job of future programs, like Squiggles. Nonetheless, before the project’s $20 million NFT plunge, images were published on Instagram exhibiting the founder of Squiggles, Arsalan, and Gavin jointly in the same Rolls Royce. It occurs the apparent hoaxer also attempted to falsify the volume of the NFT sale.
A sole account consumed 800 ETH, which was $2.384 million, which is over $2 million spread across two transactions that established hundreds of recent wallets. These shadow wallets then purchased 3 Squiggles NFTs and instantly listed them on OpenSea for less money.

The YouTuber said that they don’t know if this occurred in revenues or losses, or the other way round, they were ceased from making the $20 million they could have made, and that’s good. Before this month, he announced an interview promoting disgraced Youtuber Ice Poseidon, who publicly rejected to return investors’ accounts after an alleged $750 thousand decentralized finance rug pull.

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