A blockchain network has been launched by the Brazilian Development Bank.

May 31, 2022

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A blockchain network has been launched by the Brazilian Development Bank.

The Brazilian Development Bank has developed the Brazilian Blockchain Network, a framework aimed at assisting other Brazilian organizations in boosting public openness. The launch, which was aided by the Union’s Court of Accounts, serves as a call to action for other institutions to join this initiative, which hopes to have its first applications ready by 2023. On May 30, the Brazilian Blockchain Network, a public and distributed blockchain, became live. The event, which was co-hosted by the Brazilian Development Bank and the Union’s Court of Accounts, served as a springboard for additional institutions to join in the network’s development and expansion. The president of the Brazilian Creation Bank, Gustavo Montezano, who is in charge of the network’s development, stated that the organization will make agreements with other government institutions to participate in the project, noting that “the more individuals participating collectively, the better.”

Montezano also claimed that the Brazilian Blockchain Network’s next step would be to move out of the lab and produce a workable production prototype, allowing other third parties to focus on developing apps for the network. The network is still in its early phases of development at these universities’ laboratories, with functioning applications planned by 2023. One of the most pressing issues that this network aims to address is Brazilians’ mistrust in government institutions. Wesley Vaz, director of the Court of Accounts of the Union’s Information Technology Inspection Department, believes that shifting public procedures on a blockchain and requiring them to meet set constraints will help with this problem. The blockchain rules and limits will be developed to replace current practises. According to Montezano, the initiative has the ability to meet these goals.

While the network has been under construction since 2018, the Brazilian Development Bank has just lately begun disclosing technical specifics regarding its functionality. Gladstone Arantes revealed in March that the network’s design will be built on a proof-of-authority consensus method, with no mining on top of it. He also announced that the project will be based on Hyperledger Besu 2.0 at the time.


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