The CEO of Kraken criticises certain staff for being “poor fits”

June 16, 2022

The CEO of Kraken criticises certain staff for being "poor fits"

The CEO of Kraken criticizes certain staff for being “poor fits”

Jesse Powell, CEO of GRACKON, has won some employees on Twitter against some employees against the encrypted company -Culture, saying that about 20 out of 3,200 employees will not be applied to the organization. Paul found that the actions of these workers influenced the productivity of other people and defined them as “poorly appropriate.”For him, the problem of these employees is that their attention to the struggle against the problems of the first world has changed from the culture of the company. As he says”When everything seemed difficult, sensitivity and false plans. Few views on our great work to help billions of people focused on the best problems in the world.

“Powell continued that the fracture of these events forced the company to repeat the “encrypted culture” again. He continued that employees were asked to participate or receive a salary. Powell noted that a story about the company could soon emerge as someone may have violated an undisclosed deal by sharing internal conversations with reporters. Kraken’s CEO concluded that while the company currently employs more than 500 jobs, the company has developed a policy that “works for the rest of the 99% of the world, not to reassure vibrant enthusiasts.”

Due to the current macroeconomic situation of cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Gemini,, and many others, the cryptocurrency market has experienced another decline. Coinbase said it laid off 1,000 workers because of the macroeconomic outlook and the onset of a protracted recession. Other companies such as Gemini, Robinhood, BlockFi, and have also announced plans to cut their workforce. However, Kraken and Finance seem to be the only exceptions. CEO Changpeng Zhao said the company employs more than 2,000 jobs because the company has a “very healthy war chest.”

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