Russian Cops Arrested People Selling $13M Fake Money in Cryptocurrency

April 27, 2021


Russian police captured a few groups in the city of Nizhny Novgorod on claims of hawking counterfeit banknotes over the notorious Hydra darknet commercial center, Russian paper Kommersant stated on Monday. Counterfeiters in Russia sold more than $13 million worth of fake cash in return for bitcoin, the public police said Monday. 


The alleged criminals figured out how to sell around one billion rubles, nearly about US$13.3 million in counterfeit certified receipts by means of online shops on Hydra, as indicated by the outlet’s anonymous sources. Chainalysis considers Hydra the single greatest darknet commercial center on the planet. 


The four individuals dealing with indictments in a locale court Ivan Aferov, Sergey Arisov, Andrey Skvortsov, and Oleg Efimov apparently printed banknotes and sold them on Hydra for bitcoin. At the point when a purchaser sent a payment, a courier would convey a package with counterfeit banknotes to a specific area and burry it. At that point, the courier would impart the area to the purchaser.


As indicated by buyers’ audits, they would frequently discover the treasures effectively and utilize the fake cash to pay for things. At times, the packages showed up marginally harmed, taken by mice or not found at the assigned spot. In one case, the purchaser whined a few groups beat him up and took away the package. 


Many a times, the package would be buried in a public place or a rural woodland in Russia, giving this delivery strategy a nickname interpreted as a hidden treasure. As indicated by Kommersant, the police got to the ring coordinators in the wake of getting a few messengers. Police held onto PCs and other hardware from the ring’s central command. The fake banknotes would typically cost 10%-15% of their nominal worth for enormous clusters and up to 30% for more modest groups up to 150,000 rubles.



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