Nym will Pay its Users in BTC to Run its Mixnet

September 11, 2020


Nym now allows bitcoin transactions and has designed a program for users using its nodes. It is also allowing plugins that will let the users to plugin wallets and apps to run their traffic via its mixnet. Nym is a startup software project working to conceal metadata tracking at a network point through the mixnet it enables.
On a basic internet network, major traffic can be tracked. Browsers like tor provide a level of protection against network tracking by running traffic through many relays to shadow the user’s usage. Such networks are still liable to metadata tracking, however, highly capable adversaries like the National Security Agency in the U.S are able to see the timing of data being sent through a network to get an idea about the situation, even if they can’t see the actual content of the packages.
It resembles when the NSA was following alleged terrorist’s calls in the U.S. While they weren’t listening in on the calls themselves, they were taking a look at those associated with the calls just as the span of the calls and other details.
Nym has to a great extent been focusing on its testnet, with node administrators facilitating them as a work of adoration. One way it offers rewards is through L-BTC on the Liquid sidechain utilizing the Blockstream Green wallet. Fluid proposals on-chain security utilizing private exchanges, which dark the sums being paid. For the individuals who don’t have or need a Blockstream Green wallet, Nym will compensate administrators with BTC as Nym would not like to force anybody to embrace a specific wallet.
Nym is also starting its own reputation system, NYMPH, which allows it and node operators to keep a record of which mix node are mixing data packs and are online, even across a number of chains.
Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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