NFT Sales of Wicked Cranium surpassed $4 mn in two days.

June 23, 2021

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Wicked Craniums, a new NFT collection, has earned over $4 million in secondary sales in just two days, making it OpenSea’s digital marketplace’s second most popular series this week.


It’s the newest NFT collection in the manner of CryptoPunks—tiny, algorithmically generated portraits that have become sought-after collector’s goods in recent years. Each portrait has its own set of characteristics, some of which are rarer and more expensive than others. The ones with icy blue skin, for example, have sold for millions of dollars even though there are only a few of them out of 10,000 total icons.


NFTs are a type of money that may be attached to and sold as evidence of ownership for files on the internet. They’re a simple method to turn digital photos and videos into collectible items.


Wicked Cranium NFTs, like CryptoPunks, is linked to a collection of miniature portraits, each with a unique set of qualities. The trick is that the art is a little different—rather than blocky, dissatisfied “punks,” these are portraits of skeletons. There are a total of 10,762 in total.


The Bored Ape Yacht Club is the most popular NFT series right now, and it’s the heir apparent to CryptoPunks. It’s the same deal: a small number of algorithmically created portraits, this time featuring bored apes. A Bored Ape sold for 49.9 ETH, or roughly $130,000 at the time, earlier last month.


Despite the occasional big-name NFT sale, trade volumes have been declining in recent months across the market.’s trades across NFTs peaked at roughly 48,000 per week in April; this week, that number is closer to 24,000.




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