Incredible.The Co-Founder of Dogecoin Is Selling 420 DOGE Collectibles

June 10, 2021


Elon Musk’s and Coinbase’s listings aren’t the end of the Dogecoin craze. No, the world’s most popular meme cryptocurrency now has its brand of NFTs, of which 420 are currently available for purchase.


Billy Markus, the cryptocurrency’s engineer, and co-founder announced the news on Twitter yesterday, saying he “wanted to do something different and try out a new platform that lets you produce numerous copies of the same NFT” by using Rarible, a popular NFT marketplace.


The NFTs all appear to be variations of the same moving image of a rotating coin bearing the Dogecoin logo, a Japanese dog meme. Markus is selling them in three stages, with two of them having sold out.


On Rarible, 181 of the 420 DOGE NFTs in the first tier have sold for 0.08 Ethereum apiece (approximately $205 at today’s ETH rates). In the second tier, three NFTs sold for 0.8 Ethereum ($2,051), while in the third layer, only one NFT on Foundation sold for 1.5 Ethereum ($3,800 right now).


NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that may be used to represent just about anything online, including artwork, audio, and video content. They are largely used on the Ethereum network.


They became popular this year, and they sold for a lot of money. NFTs with art are especially popular.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk, a Twitter loudmouth (and the world’s third-richest man), has boosted the cryptocurrency online, proclaiming it his favorite crypto, and it has become extremely popular in the last year.


It’s worth has risen dramatically. It was trading at $0.34 today, representing a 13,600 percent rise in price over the previous year.


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