Handshake Patched a Bug which Could’ve Inflated the Supply of HNS Coins

April 5, 2021

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The team behind the decentralized Domain Name Server (DNS) project, Handshake, as of late fixed a bug that might have expanded the stock of HNS coins. At the point when it existed in Handshake’s code, the bug was never misused and no client assets or space information were undermined, Handshake’s designers write in a post. 


A flow was found in the Handshake protocol that could inadvertently build the complete HNS coin supply past its planned limits, the post peruses. A client with a held name guarantee might have unintentionally created modest quantities of additional HNS by adjusting their wallet. In the direst outcome imaginable, a noxious digger could produce almost limitless additional HNS in each square. The bug was rarely abused and is currently fixed.


The group encourages excavators and hub administrators to refresh to the freshest form as quickly as possible. Handshake is a decentralized space name administration, wherein clients can buy Handshake names, an option in contrast to the DNS identifiers generally utilized for getting to sites. Per the blog entry, the bug would have given clients who have guaranteed Handshake names the capacity to unintentionally print additional HNS tokens. 


Matthew Zipkin, a previous engineer at BitGo and a supporter of Bitcoin, cautioned the group of the weakness on March 24. This imperfection isn’t only an execution bug that could be fixed with a product fix. 


Soft forks are blockchain overhauls where new forms of the product are made viable with more established adaptations and, as the post concedes, they normally happen with complete local area association. Handshake’s group executed this crisis delicate fork on the grounds that the defect couldn’t be uncovered until the new convention rules were set up and implemented by however much hashrate as could be expected, the group says in the post.


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