El Salavador people can’t use government wallet

June 29, 2021

The most recent declaration from El Salvador’s favorable to Bitcoin president, Nayib Bukele, has explained that residents won’t be compelled to utilize the government-provided “Chivo” Bitcoin wallet. 


In a tweet on June 29, El Salvador’s President Bukele expressed he needed to clear up any falsehood with respect to the public authority’s wallet application following the death of the country’s Bitcoin law on June 9, which will produce results on September 7. 


The new Bitcoin wallet is called Chivo, which is slang for “cool” in El Salvador, and it can hold both Bitcoin and U.S. dollars. Bukele expressed it is only one of numerous crypto wallets that can be utilized, accentuating its interoperability with other wallet applications. 


To alleviate protection concerns, he added that the individual data mentioned by the wallet is as of now moved by the public authority, underlining any solicitations for individual information inside the application are for security purposes. 


Bukele additionally featured that the Chivo wallet won’t bring about expenses or commissions for moves, noticing that, dissimilar to conventional crypto trades, it won’t take a slice for changing BTC over to USD and the other way around, and not at all like Mastercards, there will be no commissions charged to vendors or clients. 


Bukele expressed that any cash that is held or gotten in USD or BTC in the Chivo wallet will actually want to be removed into USD cash whenever on the double the public authority has finished its carry out of 200 new actual Bitcoin ATM branches, named “Chivo Points” or “Chivo ATMs.”


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