Duality Technologies Launching Statistical Analysis Solution

November 19, 2020

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The privacy-enhancing tech provider or PETs, Duality Technologies is dispatching a privacy-enhanced statistical analysis solution, SecurePlus, that utilizes Homomorphic Encryption, also known as HE. 


In encryption, a plaintext is converted to its encrypted or ciphertext form. However, the ciphertext can be reversed back to plaintext, by only some of the parties that have the access to the secret key that decrypts the data utilizing that secret key.


HE lets various actors lead information analysis on an assortment of datasets while keeping that data encrypted and securing things like personally identifiable data. 


HE leaves math counts alone done on the data in its encrypted format. The consequence of the calculations is additionally encoded, yet when the outcome is decrypted it is indistinguishable from the outcome had the data not been encrypted in any case. 


In customary types of encryption, data is just ensured away and during correspondences. On account of HE, which is named for homomorphisms in variable based math, the analysis can be done without admittance to that secret key which would decrypt the data. 


In this present reality where security concerns are progressing, especially amid the pandemic, and different protection laws are bringing about nations renouncing some type of information admittance to other people, devices like HE could give organizations an approach to get information bits of knowledge without making the potential for rebelliousness, yet besides for huge information misuse that has driven worries about Big Tech.


Early this year, researchers presented how HE can allow the analysis of genomic data in a method that maintains data privacy. Such analysis can be used to understand complex or widespread diseases such as coronavirus.


However, several offers have also been presented for how HE can advantage blockchain-related projects. A proposal presented in 2019 stated HE can be used to secure sensitive data generated from the constantly growing internet of things.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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