CEO of Aragon One, Jorge Izquierdo Resigned

January 12, 2021


The CEO of Aragon One, Jorge Izquierdo has resigned, becoming the top profile departure from decentralized govt. project after a series of some controversial decisions. However, Izquierdo stated, there were several offers to fix this put forward, but there wasn’t any willingness to amend or revert these decisions, that is why no changes were there. This led the team to leave, and it is also the cause of why I am resigning. He further stated, he is still a member of the Aragon community including staying on the Aragon Association’s (AA) board.

The resignation is not related to the acquisition, rather with the current state of AA, I don’t think Aragon One can stand up on its commitments. I tried my best to push amendments in the association so the team won’t leave, but the attempts fell on deaf ears, he added.

Dispatched in 2016, Aragon plans to make blockchain-based computerized wards for online undertakings, especially decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The undertaking brought $25 million up in Ethereum (ETH) in May 2017 initial coin offering (ICO) and some $850,000 in two private deals with venture firms Placeholder Ventures and Draper Associates. 

Up to this point, Aragon One (A1) made up one portion of the project. The company was a grant beneficiary from the Aragon Association (AA). That news was gone before by the AA welcoming on two new individuals to the group’s board, AA executive director Joe Charlesworth and chief legitimate official Jose Nuno. 

Concerning the project’s funds, the records are together constrained by a multi-sig wallet held by both Cuende and Izquierdo, Izquierdo affirmed. The AA as of late changed over exactly 52,000 ether (ETH), generally $50 million into stable resources, for the most part, USDT in an offer to broaden the project’s portfolio.


Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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