BTC Cash Divided into Two Latest Blockchains

November 16, 2020

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The BTC Cash network, a conclusion of a hard fork from bitcoin has been divided into two latest blockchains again. As per the data from Coin.Dance, at the time of writing, BTC Cash ABC or BCH ABC has received no hash power, indicating that it might be possible that BTC Cash Node will become the leading software of the Bitcoin Cash Network.


The update has been resisted by another group from the BTC Cash community, popularly called BTC Cash Node, who removed this miner tax from their source code. A blockchain is divided into two different blockchains, one with the older software and another one with the latest software, when several nodes on a network embrace a hard fork while others do not.


As per information from CoinDesk 20, preceding the hard fork, costs of bitcoin cash dove to as low as $237.54, somewhere near 7.5% from a previous high at $256.82. On the off chance that BCH ABC doesn’t pull in enough hash power to create a feasible blockchain, the ABC blockchain would in principle vanish. Most major crypto trades have declared that they are probably going to help BCHN and it will acquire the BCH ticker. 


The primary square that split the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was mined by AntPool. The last basic block among bitcoin money miners was #661647, mined by Binance. From that point forward, hash power has been in support of BCHN, as miners have mined various sequential blocks on the network. 


Before the fork, 80% of excavators were flagging help for BCHN. To recap, a gathering of Bitcoin Cash designers drove by Amaury Sechet, known as BCH ABC, proposed a report on the Bitcoin Cash network, which has incorporated a questionable latest Coinbase Rule, which requires 8% of mined bitcoin money to be reallocated to BCH ABC as a method for financing convention improvement.


Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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