Breitling to Offer an ETH-Based Digital Passport

October 15, 2020


The real Breitling watch was given to James Bond in the film “Thunderball” in 1965, probably wound up being sold at a car boot sale for $33. However, the collector’s watch was later auctioned at Christie’s for a big amount as $160,000.


Breitling is the foremost luxury watchmaker to provide an ETH-based digital passport for all of its pieces, the firm declared on Wednesday. The effort of provenance-tracking was initially debuted for one specific model earlier this year.


Luxury watches have consistently accompanied physical testaments of legitimacy and worldwide guarantee, yet there should be a normalized way to transparently follow the service history and any fixes to the watch, as per Breitling’s chief digital and innovation official, Antonio Carriero. 


This prerequisite, Carriero stated, is particularly being driven by the blossoming pre-owned watch market. Lately, the market in pre-used watches has developed to about $20 billion, generally a large portion of the size of the new luxury watch market. 


Breitling has decided to work with track-and-follow blockchain Arianee, which has associations with Swiss luxury brands group Richemont, Montblanc, Dunhill, the proprietor of Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and others. Breitling wants the whole industry to work together, Carriero stated, to construct a worldwide norm for digital certificates and an API that clients will profit by instead of working in storehouses.


Proof of authenticity is a novel and compelling use case for blockchain that stand out of the crowd of most enterprises use of the technology, which is certainly about replacing some of the already existing systems. Thus, it is not shocking when it comes to provenance-tracing on luxury pieces, Arianee is not alone.


Last year in March, LVMH, a luxury brand conglomerate, owner of the Louis Vuitton brand stated that it is planning to present a blockchain-based authenticity system code, named AURA. However, the project included Microsoft Azure and ConsenSys.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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