Now Blockchain Technology to Protest Against Police Brutality – Black Lives

June 15, 2020

blockchain for protest

Written by: Dcryptonews

A dozen visual artists are loosely associated with the DADA Art Collective, from all across the world. They have teamed up as a non-fungible token in any market place. The blockchain technology has been used to find out the record and the details of the policemen who have been accused of killing the unarmed black men. 

“The collective got in touch with me,” Bertram said. “Social justice is something that I’ve always been interested in. They’d already minted and created these tokens. … It’s a fascinating demonstration of how to do social protests using blockchain technology.”  

Judy Mam of the DADA Collective says that about 10 artists have contributed to support that “black lives matter”.  They have been able to find the pictures of the 30 police along with their alleged crimes that they have done always. 

“The private keys of the wallets that control these tokens have been destroyed. No one controls these tokens. These tokens can’t be censored, modified or taken down,” the project’s website says.

Black Lives Mean More 

“We don’t forget. We find out who you are,” Mam said. “Maybe someday some of these men will get a [prison] sentence. … But at least now there’s a record that is there forever, immutably, of these people and their crimes.”

The simple text just below the black and the white pictures mean that the artists want to make their message very clear. 

“People should take into account this isn’t an organization doing unbiased research,” Nash said of the art collective. “As a black person and someone who wants to see justice. … I see no difference between this and holding up a sign.” 

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