Bitcoin Smart Contract are going to be Easier with the New Coding Language

August 14, 2020

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Bitcoin smart contracts are tricky tame that allows the users to set some additional rules for their bitcoin, requiring these rules to be met before the funds are unlocked. Although, a new language is making them easier to write. A bitcoin developer, Nadav Ivgi, who developed Minsc is a new programming language that helps the developers to develop these types of bitcoin smart contracts so they can build in crypto wallets and some other apps efficiently.

Tier One Script Smart Contracts, some instances of bitcoin smart contracts include not allowing 0.1 bitcoin to be spent till 2021, or requiring more than a single person to sign off on a transaction before the amount can actually move. The main issue is that it is tricky to work with BTC script. The shortfall of understanding makes it potentially easier to commit mistakes, putting the BTC at risk. 

Tier two Miniscript, Miniscript offers programming that is easy to understand than the script, including inbuilt security guarantees. The computer eventually converts Miniscript to BTC script, in which the code ultimately requires to be written to successfully lock up original BTC with added restrictions. 

Tier three Minsc, Minsc is the third tier that builds on the top od Miniscript taking benefits of its added security but creating a language that is a lot easier for developers to understand and think about the Miniscript. 

Where will the BTC smart contracts and Minsc go?

Minsc could make it simpler for designers to include support for different shrewd agreements. “The fundamental expected objective crowd is designers hoping to construct applications that use Bitcoin Script in fascinating, propelled ways,” Ivgi included. 

Bitcoin’s brilliant contracting capacities are probably going to extend much further, for example, with Taproot, an imaginable redesign in Bitcoin’s sights. Minsc will be there to make these agreements simpler to make.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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