Binance Smart Chain Uniswap Clone, Uranium Finance Lost Nearly $50M in Tokens

April 29, 2021

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A Binance Smart Chain Uniswap clone, Uranium Finance, lost $50 million in tokens early Wednesday morning in an exploit. 


The Binance smart chain Uniswap clone attacker exploited a weakness that has been available in Uranium’s v2 contracts since the trade updated longer than seven days prior. Subsequent to sending the base required tokens into Uniswap clone, Uranium’s pair gets, the assailant depleted the liquidity pools for various symbolic sets, a lost zero in the agreement’s equilibrium field or rather, the absence of one in a segment that oversees saves, made the opening for the assault vector. 


Out of the $50 million filched, pools for Binance’s blockchain token (BNB) and its stablecoin (BUSD) each lost $18 million in reserves. Ethereum and BTCB pools Binance Chain’s form of wrapped bitcoin (BTC,) altogether lost around $9 million worth of tokens. An extra $6.7 million in USDT and $1.7 million in ADA, DOT, and Uranium’s own token likewise vanished from different pools.


Post-hack, the BTCB has been traded for genuine BTC, and the ETH is in an Ethereum blender called Tornado Cash, as per The Block specialist Igor Igamberdiev. Remarkably, per a previous adventure on Binance’s BSC blockchain, the Binance’s blockchain token (BNB) BNB and its stablecoin BUSD could be recuperated through a rollback, however, Binance has made no declarations on the matter. This weakness is available in all Uranium v2 pools. 


Baymax encourages clients to relocate to the v2.1 contracts, which incorporate a fix for the weakness. Eminently, the assault came two hours before v2.1 went live, despite the fact that the adventure had been open since Uranium’s last move up to v2 a little more than seven days prior. However, Baymax didn’t react to follow-up questions in regards to the inspector of Uranium’s code.


Meta Description: A Binance Smart Chain Uniswap clone, Uranium Finance, lost $50 million in tokens early Wednesday morning in an exploit.


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