Aragon Association Declared its Acquisition of Vocdoni

January 12, 2021

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The stewards of a convention that makes for the simple making of decentralized self-ruling associations (DAOs), Aragon Association has reported its acquisition of voting project Vocdoni from Estonia-based Dvote Labs Oü. The buy was finished in December at an undisclosed cost. 


Vocdoni colleagues got an undisclosed measure of ANT, the local token of the Aragon organization, as a feature of the procurement, as per Vocdoni CFO Joan Arús.


Resulting from the 2017 Catalan freedom development, Dvote Labs’ staff generally comprises of Catalans who encountered the concealment of a democratic vote firsthand. At that point, Catalonia attempted to withdraw from Spain, which was considered illegal. 


The project, while not crypto-first, utilizes the Tendermint consensus instrument likewise utilized by the Cosmos blockchain. However, Vocdoni is based on Ethereum. Aragon Association acquired Vocdoni to make DAOs worldwide, and to scale its present project, the company stated. 


Vocdoni’s innovation allows for infinitely free, scalable, and unknown voting with on-chain settlement. As far as we might be concerned, that is the Holy Grail of blockchain voting, the group’s recently designated chief, Joe Charlesworth stated. While we as of late made a discovery to take into consideration off-chain voting with the on-chain settlement, the security perspective and prophets to settle decides on-chain is, and the use of a sidechain as I would see it, unrivaled, he added. 


The acquisition comes hot closely following 12 resignations in the more noteworthy Aragon environment, one from Aragon Association and 11 from Aragon One. Colleagues ambiguously blamed the Association for an absence of transparency in both administration choices and with the task’s initial coin offering (ICO) reserves. Undoubtedly, around 52,000 ETH ($62.4 million) from the ICO reserve was as of late changed over into to a great extent stable resources without general exposure to the network.


Image Courtesy : Pixabay

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