Another Recent Bitcoin Scam Hit Canada

June 23, 2020


Written by: Dcryptonews

The residents of Winnipeg in Canada are being hit allegedly by a Bitcoin scam. It has been found that a local grocery store owner has complained that many of these customers have been affected badly by this. 

Some News has already covered this and they say that some of the local stores have used large warning notification at their stores regarding the use of cryptocurrency and the phone scammer. Many of the fake scams offer and asks for fake cryptocurrency 

“A lot of people are getting phone calls saying that they have to transfer the money to Bitcoin regarding CRA; we’ve had Manitoba Hydro as well.”

It has been found that scams have happened multiple days in a week, and also states that they have received a lot of complaints from the victims. 

An employee of the grocery store, Aura Morissette, has claimed that a woman has always been a victim of this theft. 

“Yesterday (a) mom was in here and she said she gave all her savings to them and she was just crying. It was heartbreaking that she fell for it; it was sad, and all she kept saying was ‘I have kids.’ (It) was awful.” 

The most miserable mistake is when one uses a machine to buy bitcoin but also at the same time the person is on mobile. Such risks can make you be a victim to any kind of scams. 

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