400 projects get funds from Web3 Foundation through Polkadot.

July 30, 2022

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400 projects get funds from Web3 Foundation through Polkadot.. The Web3 Foundation, the organization responsible for providing financial assistance to Polkadot, has crossed the mark of 400 approved projects. Since its launch in December 2018, the Web3 Foundation (W3F) has received hundreds of applications from projects that want to develop the Polkadot ecosystem – about 40% of these applications have been approved by the foundation. The Web3 Foundation’s mandate is not limited to Polkadot and its para chain, but most of its investments are made there. The Web3 Foundation has shared details of projects approved so far to mark a milestone in its grant program. The foundation reported that 1,054 applications for funding were submitted, and 415 applications were approved. The scope of these projects varies widely and spans the entire Web 3 stack from the core to middleware and consumer applications. The Web3 Foundation funds projects ranging from wallets, developer tools, and APIs to smart contracts and user interface development. The foundation reported that 181 groups completed at least one project and 300 groups successfully completed their first phase.

The completion of 400 donations for Polkadot comes at a busy time for the blockchain. Although DOT tokens have become easier with the introduction of a new staking and nomination dashboard, a redesign is expected to improve chain decisions soon. The -3 -3 Fund is proud of the last turning point, showing that subsidies are now working in a wide range of invented items, including digital identity and confidentiality, IOD, games, data storage, and funds. WhatSome Blaxain developers have been well recorded from solid and security limitations, and Polgatt architects believe that this balance proves its value. The number of parasites made of balance increased, but is competition from the following “Sui and APTOS”, both used as a movement programming language. Polkadot’s scalability and interoperability enable the Cambrian explosion of Web 3 applications that blockchain enthusiasts anticipate.

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