Rio de Janeiro moves forward with its intentions to integrate Bitcoin

July 27, 2022

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Rio de Janeiro moves forward with its intentions to integrate Bitcoin. In a recent interview, Rio de Janeiro’s Minister of Finance and Planning Andrea Senko said her team wants to encourage the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) by adding a digital assets to the city’s treasury. What exactly does the government mean? Noko believes that the city itself can settle as a leader for digital currency activists (from around the world) coordinating with bitcoin in the financial, social, and technical structure of Rio -Where -Janeiro and the transformation of the Brazilian Prime Minister.

To help these initiatives, the Government of the City Committee (CMCI) created investments in encryption, which, according to SENCO: “Cryptocurrency Investment Municipal Committee (CMCI), founded in March 2022, makes a decision based on encryption and administrative assets.”He said that in the mayor’s treasury, this purchase is purchased by leading economists and market inspectors to identify any future fluctuations and risks. The rest of Brazil is still not completely sold on BitcoinAlthough Rio de Janeiro seems well on its way to adopting Bitcoin, no other local municipality in Brazil has shown interest in conducting such an experiment.A particular initiative received resonance at a national level. The central government of Brazil has just released a detailed document declaring a 0% import tax on Bitcoin mining equipment, with the only caveat being that the equipment must run exclusively on renewable energy.

At the same time, countries like El Salvador and the Central African Republic have also legalized the use of BTC within their borders. History of Rio de Janeiro with BTCFor more than six months, the local administration of Rio has mocked the world with the large-scale implementation of bitcoins. A few months ago, Mayor Eduardo Pace met with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who plans to incorporate Bitcoin into Miami’s governing structure, to discuss allocating 1 percent of Rio’s treasury to crypto assets. The city government wants to collect taxes in the form of bitcoins and is offering discounts to people who choose to pay their bills with cryptocurrency to promote bitcoin as a means of payment.

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