What to Expect From the SEC on US Crypto Regulation is outlined by Gary Gensler

July 18, 2022

sec gensler

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler explained what to expect from the security regulation when it comes to cryptocurrency. “We have strong authority from Congress to use our exemption powers to support investors,” he explained. Cryptocurrency Head of Kanslller shows SEC work in Checking CaseSEC President on Thursday. Yahoo Finance Live took an interview in his company on encryption adjustment and explaining what he expected. For him: “What do we expect from the SEC rules for encryption in the coming months?””In more detail, people now enjoy the safety of investors around these different services … transactions, operating systems and brokers,” the Sensler replied. SEC chief with details said:Therefore, in SEC we work in each of these three sectors so that we can observe transactions, loans and how to join brokers and industrial participants or some of them. Anxiety emphasized that he has repeatedly spoken transactions to encryption, business websites and borrowed websites: “Come and talk to us.”He explained that SEC has a qualification of the congress to change some investment protection rules: We have strong congressional officials to use their exceptions to maintain the security of investors. He noted that the Security Superman Committee can even develop the consequences of the signs, and it does not concern the man who offers cryptocurrency. The president of the Securities and Exchange Commission emphasized: “The interests of society are protected by the knowledge that information is disclosed fully and honestly and that no one is lying to them…” Protection is fundamental.

Gensler also shared what to expect from his cryptocurrency regulatory agency: We also look at tokens, stablecoins and unstable coins. In particular, CFDC has many bank regulators, our friends and colleagues. He again emphasized that “Bitcoin is a sign without security,” saying that despite the signs without security, SEC products send information to the Future Trade Commission (CFDC) and “we will cooperate as much as possible.” In June, Jenner said Bitcoin did not comment on other signs of encryption, including Ehor (ETH). In May, the SEC chairman proposed a “rule book” to regulate crypto tokens. He noted that he is working on a memorandum of understanding with his colleagues at the CFTC, which will become a formal agreement that will ensure adequate safeguards and transparency in the trading of digital assets. After the collapse of cryptocurrency terra (LUNA) and stablecoin terrausd (UST), Gensler warned that many crypto tokens could fail. Credit lender Celsius Network is warning investors it could be “too real” after blocking withdrawals The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is currently investigating C regarding its decision to freeze the accounts. The cryptocurrency company filed for bankruptcy last week. The securities regulator is also investigating Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs and UST.

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