Voyager declines the purchase of Alameda because it “harms customers.”

July 25, 2022

Voyager Digital Canada Ltd Voyager Digital Completes Historic

Voyager declines the purchase of Alameda because it “harms customers.”. Cryptocurrency’s centralized supplier has rejected its FDX digital assets and its investment Alematle Ventures, based on “high cost” and “harmful to customers”.As part of its current bankruptcy transaction, the letter was rejected by FDX and FDX lawyers on 24 July. Credit 3ac.The letter states that the creation of such benefits can generally affect some other possible contract, saying: “Coordinated, confidential, competitive, competitive, auction process went beyond the courts of Aladards and bankruptcy courts.” Vivier representatives said the proposed company restore a plan was the best because they say it is maximizing money and encryption of customers. After a loan of $ 650 million from cryptocurrency hits (3 AC), Voyager Wrntuptery in the southern region of the New -York in the southern new Nork region.

On July 22, the FDX general manager, Director General Sam Bankman Farid, ended a contract with Vaiser and accepted all the valuables of Alamaada Voyer and sold them to bankruptcy users. On July 24, a book on Twitter from the rationalization of its companies Bankman offers Voyager to get Voyager. Voyager’s customers are already enough and they can claim that their assets “can take bankruptcy years”.On Sunday, an agreement that shows Wayer lawyers prior to the completion of volleyball users is essentially a cessation of video for “profit”.The conjectural letter rejected that there is a greater chance of winning Alamaadardx’s auction by the relationship between two companies, “nothing can be far from the truth to testify to this answer.” Bankman of the Center for other Bear Market Negotiations is amazing. On July 1, the CEO of BlockFi Zach Prince, another crypto-focused lender, signed an agreement to provide $240 million in loans to FTX with a $640 million calls.


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