UST Stablecoin Upraises $1B in LUNA Deal

February 23, 2022


Singapore-based Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), a nonprofit association benefiting the development of the Terra ecosystem, has boosted $1 billion through the deal of LUNA, the native token of the Terra blockchain. The fresh funding will go towards a fresh reserve to help enhance the peg for the UST stablecoin. As per the recent statement, the funding will go creating a bitcoin denominated foreign exchange reserve for the US, an algorithmic established stablecoin in the Terra ecosystem.

The funding round ranks among the biggest in crypto history. According to Luna Foundation Guard, the UST Forex Reserve strives to enhance and conserve the peg of the UST stablecoin, which is algorithmic-based, meaning that it depends on market incentives as impeded to being financed by a collateral to retain its price, such as Tether and Circle are. Terra tweeted that even though the global adoption of UST like an unfailingly permanent asset through market volatility should renounce this, a Decentralised Reserve can deliver the following avenue to strengthen the peg in contractionary cycles that curtails the reflectivity of the strategy.

Terra has spent around $40 Million in January 2022 on a subsidy for Washington Nationals Baseball Team. A few days earlier, a U.S. District Court Judge in New York asks Terraform Lans and the CEO Do Kwon to harmonize with subpoenas that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had administered. The rate of LUNA was up 3.5% in the past 12 hours, surpassing the contrarily red-dominated crypto market.


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