Updated list of Mt. Gox creditors; trustee states that the rehabilitation custodian is “now preparing to make repayments.”

September 2, 2022


Updated list of Mt. Gox creditors; trustee states that the rehabilitation custodian is “now preparing to make repayments.”. On August 31, 2022, Mt Gox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi explained in a recent letter that the rehabilitation trustee is “currently ready to pay” Mt Gox’s creditors. Speculation and rumors about the release of 140,000 Bitcoins (BTC) from Mt Gox filled social media platforms and headlines last week. Bitcoin. During the same period, the Bitcoin Whale was transformed into 10,000 unknown BDC money, and the anniversary, rushing and close -June, proves the MD -Hacker in June 2011.

After a mysterious transfer of Whale, the Mountain -koks Court released a formal update of Nobuwi Gopayashi last Wednesday and explained that the court is now preparing the creditors’ payments. Mt Gox’s creditors waited years for the Tokyo court to get access to the bitcoins. According to the claim process on the website, payment in Bitcoin (BTC) is made through an exchange designated by the guard of the rehabilitation center. The Mt Gox lawsuit states: In order for the Rehabilitation Lender to receive their Bitcoin payments, it is necessary to register as a user on such designated [exchange].

The Mt Gox creditor process is very slow, and if a creditor objects, the court has had to stop progress to assess certain issues. When the term “distribution is the control period” at first, the term is “the main term repayment”. So formally no one knows when the repayment process begins. Gopayashi still has to update the specific details of the refund -process, such as the name of the cryptocurrency exchange, which awaits some dates and distribution. Lenders who want to pay with Bitcoin must register with a specific crypto exchange after being officially designated. Right now, Mt Gox’s rehab guardian is clearly showing signs that it’s ready to make amends, but when that will officially happen is anyone’s guess.

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