Silently ballooning over 250 percent is meme coin catecoin

August 3, 2022


Silently ballooning over 250 percent is meme coin catecoin. CateCoin (CATE) soared over 250% amid strange cryptocurrency market dynamics. The slow and steady growth of CATE shows how far coins with a low market cap can advance and bring good rewards. According to CoinMarketCap, the CATE Meme Coin’s price is up 16.63% or 0.000001057. Also, the price of CATE has increased due to increased business activity and promotion on social networks. Judging by the current technical analysis on the weekly price chart, CATE continues to climb through a third consecutive green candle. Recently, CATE broke through the $0.000000714 and $0.000000779 resistance zones, which turned into a support zone. Consequently, CATE briefly managed to break through the $0.00000103 resistance level there but has now pulled back.

There is no doubt that CateCoin is very bullish, especially since it has increased in volume. CATE is a classic flag template with a bull that can appear on top. If CATE can sustain this price, it could retest $0.000001. According to CoinMarketCap, CATE has the lowest market cap at $29 million. As already mentioned, increased traction and stability can lead to a 10-20x increase in the value of CateCoin. In a space dominated by dog ​​meme coins, CATE is the first meme coin of its kind that allows meme creators to create and earn NFTs.CateCoin is currently presented as one of the most powerful memory coins on the market. CATE has many offers that include the value of other commemorative coins. cate offers NFTs, games, mobile wallets and Dapps. In addition, one of the advantages of CATE is that long-term investors can easily generate up to 15% APY by participating, and 2% transaction fees are distributed among investors.

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