Redditor stows away Bitcoin of $100 for ‘”hundred” years in social library

February 12, 2022

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Bitcoin land has never witnessed a dull day. Instead of the markets calling for a break, the imaginative Bitcoin world constantly has cause for leisure. Yesterday, a Redditor, Optimal-Dentistador asked about the durability of the Bitcoin network with a time-lapse challenge. The life-long examination was motivated by recent incidents put on by the social library in OD’s town which will continue to be secret at OD’s request.

OD agreed t put something unique, the public and private key elements to 0.003 BTC, approximately $100 at the current rate. The Reddit society was abrupt to remark that while 0.003 Bitcoin may be a coquetry sum in 2022, it could be deemed as a market-moving quantity in 100 years. Optimal-Dentistador, OD was brisk to taunt that in the current world, it is a bit like disclosing the Bitfinex hack amount of money in a piece of information. The Department of Justice recently seized $3.6B as part of the debacle related to crypto exchange Bitfinex.

As per the rules, the letter is not supposed to be opened until 2022. One Redditor, Foninous remarked that it is disappointing to believe every single of us will no longer exist and will not be able to see the outcome. OD consents that it is a fun examination, eventually, the outcome is a sad sentiment. Still, the meme significance is powerful, and OD’s generation may relish the riches. OD bid goodbye by saying, see you in “2122”, the ultimate diamond hands.

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