On May 22, PizzaDAO will throw the world’s largest pizza party to honour the first Bitcoin purchase.

October 27, 2022

On May 22, PizzaDAO will throw the world's largest pizza party to honor the first Bitcoin purchase.


On May 22, PizzaDAO will throw the world’s largest pizza party to honor the first Bitcoin purchase.

To commemorate Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22, PizzaDAO is supporting more than 100 local pizzerias in 75 countries to give out free pizza. PizzaDAO will sponsor the event with proceeds from its Rare Pizzas project. More than 300 topping artists from across the world contributed 10,000 generative baked pizza NFTs to the Rare Pizzas collection. Cheech and Chong, Seth Green, Steve Aoki, and Tony Gemignani, the 13-time World Pizza Champion, are among the many who have joined and promoted PizzaDAO. Several charities will benefit from the event. London, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Vancouver, Chicago, Boston, the streets of New York in Little Italy, the San Francisco Temple Nightclub, and the 99th level of the Willis Tower will host the world’s largest pizza party. PizzaDAO was founded in February 2021 with the goal of making pizza free and available to everyone. The initiative uses Web3 capabilities to offer financing and inclusion to small companies, particularly local pizzerias, in order to help them scale up.

Since its inception, the organization has spent over $400 thousand delivering free pizza to its network of over 400 pizzerias. Every year on May 22nd, Bitcoin Pizza Day is commemorated to honor Laszlo Hanyecz, who spent 10,000 Bitcoin for two huge pizzas in 2010. Hanyecz, a Florida-based coder, was an early Bitcoin miner. On May 18, he advertised 10,000 Bitcoins in return for two huge pizzas on a forum. His proposal was not accepted until May 22nd. Even though someone pointed out that 10,000 Bitcoins were worth $41, which was too much for two large pizzas, Hanyecz stuck to his pledge and spent 10,000 Bitcoin on two huge pizzas. Despite the fact that Hanyecz made the first Bitcoin payment that we are aware of, the sum he paid is estimated to be over $290 million, even after the recent market drop.


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