Nitro Rollup Stack Migration is Implemented by Arbitrum’s L2 Scaling Solution

September 1, 2022


Nitro Rollup Stack Migration is Implemented by Arbitrum’s L2 Scaling Solution. Arbitrum’s Layer Two (L2) Scaling Solutions revealed Wednesday that a consolidated migration of the project’s Nitro stack has been implemented. Orbitrum developers noted earlier this month that the nitrous migration will reduce network costs and improve performance. Arbitrum, an Ethereum L2 scale solution managed by Offchain Labs, announced to Arbinods (users of the project) on Wednesday that the development team has implemented the Nitro update. “All arabinoids, please prepare for takeoff,” Tim explained. Orbitrum’s official Twitter account also wrote: “The migration has officially begun and the network will be down for the next 2-4 hours during the upgrade process.” During the transition to the discussion board of the project’s Discord server, the team invited other Arpinots to participate.

Orbitrum August 31 Nitro Update August 7 News Report. This update aims to improve the Arbitrum experience with faster transactions and lower fees. Currently, the Arbitrum experience is much cheaper than the cost of Ethereum gas, and that was before the Nitro update. According to, statistics show that the current gas fee for on-chain sending of Ethereum (ETH) is $1.07 and for token exchange is $5.35. The same commission aggregation website notes that L2 Arbitrum charges $0.14. US per transaction to send Ether and $0.36 US per token exchange transaction using Arbitrum.

The last 30 days In addition to Orbitrum, there are many other L2 options, including Immutable X, Metis, Optimism, Lubring, Polygon Hermes, Sksync, Boba, and Aztec. Nitro is Orbitrum’s biggest update and the development team applied this update last April. In addition, the Ethereum blockchain network is expected to transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) through The Merge within 12 days, and Cardano is expected to launch the Vasyl hard fork in September. At 1:37 PM (EST), Orbitrum announced that the Nitro update is officially complete. The team reported that Onchain activity has resumed and the developers thanked the community for their patience.

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