Most players, according to a Globant survey, think Metaverse will positively change the gaming industry.

July 18, 2022

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Most players, according to a Globant survey, think Metaverse will positively change the gaming industry. In a survey published by Globant, a software company, and Yougov, the majority of gamers believe that Metaverse will change the gaming industry in a positive way. The survey, which surveyed 1,000 PC, console and mobile players, found that most players are still uncomfortable with Metaverse advertising and that non-fungible tokens (NFT) are still unknown to Metaverse players. Metaverse technology could change the gaming industry, Globant survey results in gamers’ understanding of Metaverse technology and its impact on the future of the industry is changing in a more positive light. A new survey called the Metaverse Awareness Survey, released by Globant, a software technology company in partnership with YouGov, shows that gamers think the hype surrounding Metaverse is justified.

Players on Metaverse are less likely to accept ads, with only 35% of these sites accepting ads. Only 44% would accept advertising on Metaverse if it was a reward, such as access to programs. Nicola Avila said CDO for Globe in North America: With this survey, the growth of the Metavas is still in the early stages, but the United States. Players have already found that technology was able to expand the potential area in the game. Cryptochachaarens and NFT are still striking because most players are not appropriate to use encrypted coins or NFT, this indicates a stop between meta-meta and online 3 technologies. The results of 34 % of players are interested in managing Cryptocurrencies, while half of them are not interested in mixing encryption assets. In line with this, major video game companies such as Ubisoft have started experimenting with NFTs in games, a concept that is still relatively new to the industry. 81% of respondents answered that they have not yet purchased NFTs. Also, meta seems to excel in association with the Metaverse brand, with 73% of players associating the platform with the concept.

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