Islamic Coin Compliant with Shariah Raises $200 Million, Breaking All Records in 2022

August 9, 2022

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Islamic Coin Compliant with Shariah Raises $200 Million, Breaking All Records in 2022. The Sharia-compliant Islamic currency has raised $200 million in private sales from international private buyers. Targeting the world’s 2 billion Muslim population and early adopters of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency broke all records, had its first private sales growth in 2022, and is among the top 10 growth rates in history. This digital currency has received a Sharia-compliant fatwa issued by the world’s leading Sharia law experts. The mission was led by Sheikh Dr. Nizam Muhammad Saleh Yaqubi, who is known as the “guardian” of the $2 trillion Islamic financial products market. The award-winning group includes prominent leaders in conventional and Islamic finance such as Peter Rafferty, former portfolio manager of the $600 billion Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and Qamis Boharoun Al Shamsi, former head of the banking research group at the United Central Bank. Arab Emirates.

Founders Hossein Al-Misa, Mohammad Al-Kaf, Alex Malkov and Andriy Kuznetsov have impressive resumes. Mr. Both Al Massey and Mr. Alcoff are leading experts in the fields of finance and technology. Hussein al -Misza is the main hero of the Muslim bank, the first in the world of Muslim bank, Mohammed Alexo, a computer engineer, Mohammed Alex, a member of the Emergency Bank, an emergency case and industry 4.0, survived artificial and mechanical information . Andrei Everygszov is a set of entrepreneurs and engineers who focus on finality, cybersecurity and network development, and Alex discovering for his outstanding members, including Aave, interesting, measuring solutions, cars and other industrial leaders. The first ethical philosophy of Islamic money was welcomed in the Middle East and around the world. Built on religious and ethical standards, this digital currency is the only digital asset in the world that gives back to its community. 10% of each issue of ISLM goes to Evergreen DAO, which focuses on charity, philanthropy and Shariah-compliant and sustainable initiatives.

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