Institutional Adoption of CryptoCurrency

January 9, 2021

Institutional Adoption of CryptoCurrency


Throughout the decade, despite continuous innovation and integration in the crypto ecosystem time and again, the involvement of institutional investors has always been a tarrying talk.

These institutional investors are the organization aiming to pool funds on others’ behalf and invest in the various asset class and financial platforms. These comprise banks, insurance companies, pensions, Real estate investors, mutual funds, credit unions, etc.

Finally, beyond the shadow of a doubt by the end of 2020, the crypto environs were seen being ornamented with the big institutional jewels. Although with the crash of Bitcoin on the world stage, the complicated relationship between the financial institutions and cryptocurrencies dominated the crypto digits.

Yet, the invasions of institutional investors have marked the blooming period for cryptocurrencies and the entire industry at length.

What motivates institutions to invest in Cryptos?

But what needs to be thoroughly understood is the WHY behind this crypto Fly. The buzzing introduction of institutional role-players in the crypto world holds strong reasoning to it.

The absence of correlation between the traditional and crypto market avoids several uncertainties as the traditional market is subjected to immense fluctuations owing to its frequently altered monetary policies and economic downturn. No direct regulation by the government provides the investors with the benefit to escape inflation in virtual currencies.

The cryptocurrencies provide the start-ups with the option to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and with Exchange-traded funds (EFT). The growing interest and innovations of technologists have built a reliable infrastructure for such investors backed by the widespread acceptance of crypto as a viable payment system.

According to analysts the institutional investors are observed having intimate ties with the gold but this is the beginning of a trial to scratch the potential of the cryptos too. With cryptos stealing the thunder of the major financial commodities have been outperforming with this recent investment strategy.

How does it impact the Cryptosphere?

The cascading down of Institutional investors into the diverged embracing of crypto environs includes investment into and borrowing against the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Defi tokens.

No doubt the Bitcoin being the flagship currency for the decade has observed a huge broadening in its sphere with the institutional investments in the role.

Surpassing through several growth junctions, it stood as strongest with its recent digits as $24000 in December 2020. The entrance of big players in the game has paved way for the development of a radical outlook towards digital currency.

The conservative set of investors feels safer to be a part of a project that is backed by a firm backbone. Thus, the institutional adoption of crypto serves as the roadmap to the ones who were hesitant to be a part of the digital ecosystem.

Apart from investing, the bulk of investors are penetrating the Defi world through the adoption of borrowing mechanisms against crypto. It has been recorded that around 41% of the investors borrowed against Bitcoin, 6% against the Defi tokens, and Ethereum stealing the show fetched borrowing at around 53%.

The institutional adoption of crypto has undoubtedly bought acceleration to all forms of crypto assets in the global sphere. Bitcoin has surged as an ideal virtual currency for the transaction as a result of its adoption by big payment giants.

Who are the giant institutional investors?

With the requirement to establish a credible ecosystem for institutional investors the cryptocurrencies have undergone several digs and rigs. As a result, it attracted giant investors apart from just mom and pop ones.

The key role players are named Microsoft Corporation,, PayPal holdings inc., Advanced Micro Device inc, Square inc, Goldman Sachs Group, CME Group, Interactive Brokers Group, Nasdaq inc, TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, Cboe global market inc, are the few to be mentioned but the list goes on.

Many institutions were observed filing paperwork with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and investing in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Most of these names include the mutual fund agencies, prominent being Ark invests, Horizon kinetic, Rothschild Investment Corporation, Corriente Advisor, and Addison Capital.

Scope of Institutional Adoption of Crypto 

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Eventually, with the major institutional focus on Bitcoin, the true market beta has been observed dominating the market as the largest liquid digital asset. All-time biggest institutional projects have shown their confidence in Bitcoin.

As we know the supply end services to the digital assets are provided by the third party through their decentralized networks. And this is where the institutional investors are expected to play a prominent role to facilitate the fundraising and distribution to launching and paving growth.

According to a recent survey by Fidelity, it has been concluded that 80% of the institutional investors find digital assets appealing which is why 2020 stole the crypto show with the newbies invading the sphere. Inarguably, the trend is here to stay longer as the giants are already in an active role to create powerful investment gigs.


Being one of the essential participants in the modern investment market, institutional investors have put a match to the emerging crypto spark. With crypto derivatives witnessing their all highs in future contracts are certainly the future of the digital world backed by institutional adoption as its pillar of strength.

Inarguably, the trend is here to stay longer as the giants are already in an active role to create powerful investment gigs.

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