Managing Crypto Assets Multiple Exchanges

November 15, 2022

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Cryptocurrencies have indeed reshaped the way youth understand trading and investing today. The growing understanding and curiosity regarding digital assets like cryptocurrency and NFTs have led to an increasing number of crypto investors and traders worldwide. However, the multiple digital coins and NFTs have resulted in the creation of diversified crypto portfolios too which at times become challenging to manage and track individual performance. This is where the term “Crypto Asset Management” comes in role.

What is Crypto Asset Management?

It refers to the practice of purchasing, selling, managing, and tracking digital assets that are used for investing or trading purposes. Primarily, it comprises of core activities like crypto portfolio management, tracking digital assets, generating a market prediction, price analysis, and facilitating customized trading options. Thus, crypto asset management covers all aspects of cryptocurrencies and related digital assets. Since cryptocurrencies are highly diversified therefore managing them is essential to avoid the monetary threat to funds.

Key Features To Look For In Crypto Asset Management Tools

Crypto asset management is all about having advanced technologies and tools to simplify crypto management.  However, there are some fundamental features to look at in your crypto asset management tools.

Portfolio Management

The basic feature that crypto asset management applications should offer is effective portfolio management. Diversified portfolios are often difficult to manage and this is exactly where the digital portfolio managers take the role and provide an edge to the users.

Simplify Trading

Generally, trading requires close attention to the movement of the market as it is what defines the next step of the traders. However, it is impractical for users who are engaged in some different core activities to execute the desired trading. As a result, the crypto management tool shall provide customized trading options like automated or manual trading to assist its users.

Performance Tracking

Having multiple coins and assets in the portfolio is certainly great but if we aren’t able to manage and track them it loses its worth. Thus, the crypto asset management tools shall provide real-time market insights, defining the price movement and prediction. If the system is able to track the performance of each digital asset on your portfolio then this is the right tool for your crypto assets.

 Real-Time Market Insights

The crypto management tool shall provide real-time market insights as this is what acts as the core of trading and investment. The incomplete or improper market understanding leads to random trading which is backed by no strategy. Thus, the tool with all the necessary market data which is organized and well-explained act as the savior for traders and investors.

Popular Crypto Asset Management Tool – FolioBull

how foliobull can be scaled

FolioBull is a full-fledged crypto asset management solution that simplifies crypto management, tracking, and trading.  This advanced tool acts as a crypto portfolio manager, NFT or Crypto tracker, automated and manual trading tool, and the platform that provides a true analysis of the market fluctuation, price movement, and predicted coin value in an extremely simplified manner. Thus, all you need to do is log in and get the API, also known as the secret key to access all your listed crypto exchanges and continue with your crypto journey. Thus, there is no more need to remember multiple login credentials and access them separately. Just a single login gives a comprehensive crypto experience.

Final Words

So, FolioBull is the ultimate platform for anyone who wishes to simplify their crypto trading and portfolio management. So, gear up and witness the better difference that can create for you in the long –run.

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