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June 2, 2023

While the cryptocurrency industry faces regulatory challenges in the United States, the public crypto exchange has taken a step ahead with its future contracts. The Coinbase Derivative Exchange’s institutional contracts will be sized at 1 Bitcoin and 10 Ether. On June 1, Coinbase shared its plans to introduce Bitcoin futures contracts through its Commodity Futures […]

June 1, 2023

The United-States-based cryptocurrency exchange is now planning to seek a license in the United Arab Emirates for escaping. The Winklevoss – owned crypto exchange Gemini has recently announced that it has started the process of acquiring a crypto service license for its customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Through their blog post on May […]

May 31, 2023

On May 30, Japan’s largest airline named All Nippon Airways (ANA) launched an aeronautical –themed Non–Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplace along with ANA Neo, its subsidiary. The introduction of this platform is seen as a part of All Nippon Airways’ ongoing expansion at the intersection of airlines and Web 3.0 Dubbed, “ANA GranWhale NFT Marketplace” this […]

May 30, 2023

According to the records of the Texas Legislative, lawmakers moved Senate Bill 1751 to the Committee on State Affairs on April 24 after getting approved in the state senate. The legislation aimed at amending the section of Texas’ utilities and tax code for adding restrictions related to crypto mining firms. The state lawmakers have passed […]

May 29, 2023

The market dominance in the US Stablecoin market has undergone significant in the past year, most of which are downward trends. Over the year, Circle’s USDC has witnessed a decline in its market share from 34.88% to 23.05 % whereas Tether’s USDT has gained ground by moving upwards from 47.04% to 65.89%. Also, the market […]

May 26, 2023

Previously, the bill proposed by French lawmakers restricted influencer marketing to only licensed crypto firms. However, there are no such firms in France presently. As a result, the French lawmakers seem to have agreed to tone down the restriction associated with its first bill that was proposed in March. Despite toning down on the restrictions, […]

May 25, 2023

Recently major markets have started to adopt Binance pay for introducing cryptocurrency–based payments for goods and services. According to Regional Binance Executive, precisely, African, Asian, and Eastern European countries are seeing cryptocurrencies as the payment source. A strategic partnership of Binance Pay with WooCommerce is expected to expand its reach through  40% of global E-commerce […]

May 24, 2023

With the platform, academic institutions and businesses in China hope to pool their resources and advance metaverse-related research. The China Metaverse Technology and Application Innovation Platform were launched on May 22 in Nanjing, the provincial capital of Jiangsu, in order to promote and progress metaverse research and development throughout the nation. The new state-backed Metaverse […]

May 23, 2023

According to an ARK Invest analyst Yassine Elmandjra, the US crypto sector is witnessing a “void” of well-established organizations. This means the United States is at the risk of losing its status as the cryptocurrency leader to the nations namely United Arab Emirates, Australia, Korea, and Switzerland.  ARK Invest is a global asset management company […]

May 22, 2023

According to Hotbit, centralized exchanges are growing more complex and are “unlikely to meet long-term trends.” Hotbit, a cryptocurrency exchange, stated that it would cease operations on May 22. The exchange requested that customers remove cash by June 21, at 4:00 a.m. UTC. The exchange stated in an announcement that its operational circumstances had deteriorated […]

May 18, 2023

Binance Australia reports that Australian dollar deposits and withdrawals have been disrupted owing to a decision taken by its third-party supplier. As a result, cryptocurrency exchange Binance Australia has informed customers through an official tweet that it has ceased Australian dollar services following the apparent discontinuation of support for the exchange by its local payment […]

May 17, 2023

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of the People’s Republic of China, the national institution in charge of legal prosecution, issued a statement on the non-fungible token (NFT) market on May 15. Three writers wrote a paper in which they described the prosecutors’ view of market risks and the following grounds for more aggressive enforcement. It  focuses […]