Fears that a CBDC will disrupt mobile money operations are allayed by the Ghanaian central bank

September 4, 2022


Ghana Bank has stated that the implementation of the central bank’s digital currency will not affect the effectiveness of mobile money operators. In contrast, digital currency expects Ghana compromise systems to improve the efficiency of “business boundaries”. The central bank of Gana fears that the central bank digital currency (CPDC), the so-called E-CDI, can negatively impact on mobile money operators (MNOs). At a recent shareholders conference, Clarence Belli, Assistant Director of FinTech and Innovation at the Bank of Ghana (BOG), said the central bank will ensure that MNO operations are not affected.

In a report by Joy Online, Belli outlined the principles that will guide the BOG as it moves forward with plans to launch a CBDC. He is said to have said: For the central bank, one of the important principles behind the launch of e-cedi is to complement existing mobile transactions. [] e-cedi does not replace existing platforms, but improves mobile services and makes them more viable and efficient. The assistant is said to have said that he not only makes mobile money more effective, but also increases MNO CPTC. MNO -growth will increase financial supplements, report is linked.

According to Play, some shareholders from Kenya’s mobile sector confirmed that “E-CD or CPDC will help reduce costs.” They said the digital currency will deepen the operating system and increase the efficiency of settlements. Meanwhile, Eli Hini, CEO of Ghana Mobile, is quoted in the same report, indicating that it contributes to the MNOS CPTC correctly. E-CD is also expected to reduce the risk of transporting common money “for fast border trade monitoring”. Therefore, instead of fear of CPTC, Henini asked the players from the mobile money system to lead his company to prevent E-CD.

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