Ethereum is the best blockchain to form a DAO. Is it?

April 4, 2022

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Ethereum is the best blockchain to form a DAO. Is it?

Ethereum’s distinction as the blockchain of option for DAOs stays powerful, but there is a case being made for different chains which may be nicely fitted.The crypto society and enterprise have chosen Ethereum as the chain of preference for most blockchain-based decentralized applications. Other chains may be nicely fitted to deal with the workload of decentralized autonomous organizations or DAO. Technical benefits and inexpensive transactions have yet to become an important pull factor from Ethereum Virtual Machine chains. EVM compatibility facilitates a web use of Ethereum’s safety details.

Ethereum and its similar chains have a clear benefit in the number of DAOs when compared to others. They have more than 4,200 DAOs and strategies expecting governance participants as per the data from blockchain voting forum Snapshot. Similarly, the Solana ecosystem has only 140 and Cardano has ten DAOs. Polkadot Substrate has only 8. This is not to discount the evidence that among the top ten DAOs by the number of judgments made in the last 7 days, DAO tracker DeepDAO indicates that three are based on Solana.

According to the DAO tracker DeepDAO CEO Eyal Eithcowich, Ethereum’s importance among the rest may be due to easy yet logical reasons. Ethereum, the most developed ecosystem in terms of devices for beginning and organizing all factors of DAOs, is largely economic. This may alter as other chains rise in popularity. Moreover, he indicated high gas expenses as a drawback of Ethereum.

Added that Solana enables DAOs to make fast and reasonable transactions. Ethereum is said to be too costly for voting objectives and was constructed to be a general-purpose blockchain to deal with any number of several tasks. The EOSIO codebase is incredibly strong, enabling layered multisig approvals and vibrant exhibition election means that are crucial for DAOs to work suitably. Nevertheless, Andrew Levine, CEO of blockchain consulting company Koinos, had indicated criticisms of EOSIO which can illustrate why it falls low of Ethereum’s price of adoption.

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