Dogecoin payments will be accepted for rides on the Las Vegas Transit System Loop by Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

September 25, 2022

Bitcoin Exchanged


Elon Musk’s Boring Company accepts self-contained cryptocurrency as payment for rides through its Las Vegas loop transportation system. Musk confirmed he would “support Tuke if possible.” Tesla has already implemented self-encryption for some products, and SpaceX will soon follow suit. Dull, founded by CEO by Tesla Elon Maskak, said the Las Vegas transportation system was Wednesday.

Earlier, the mask said that a blunt goal was “the solution of a movement that affects every main city on Earth.” One of the corporate programs is a loop, also known as “Tesla in Ton”. The loop “is a public transport system that resembles an underground highway of the underground system and its website details, this system has all the power with zero. Responding to the post, Tesla CEO Boring encrypted, “Support Doge as you can,” suggesting that news of the company’s plans to accept Doge payments for Vegas Loop rides is true. The Boring Company opened the Resorts World Las Vegas passenger terminal on June 30, the first of more than 55 stops scheduled for the Las Vegas Strip. Last year, Clark County, Nevada, approved the company’s expansion plan.

Musk has long supported Dogecoin and believes the self has digital currency potential. Instead, he said, bitcoin is worth more. The CEO of Tesla has also previously revealed that he personally owns Dogecoin. His electric car company Tesla is already accepting DOGE for some deliveries. And Musk announced in May that SpaceX would follow suit and that Starlink subscriptions could also accept the memory coin in the future. He also noted that if social media is successful, Twitter will integrate subsidies into encryption. In June, Musk, Tesla, and SpaceX presented a file of $ 258 billion and accused them of the Pony Project “by Doc Goe Cryptocurrency.

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