Chamber of Commerce: 14% of Salvadoran businesses have conducted in BTC

March 19, 2022



El Salvador created history in September 2021 by becoming the 1st nation to officially acknowledge Bitcoin as legal tender. As per the survey by the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce, Businesses in El Salvador have been sluggish to accept BTC since the country comprehended the digital asset as legal tender in September 2021. Only 14% of the firms said that they had conducted in BTC since the Bitcoin Law came into effect. Above 90% of the firms reflected that BTC adoption in the nation had little influence on their deals.

•71% of the firms surveyed were micro or small businesses
•13% classified as medium-sized industries
•and 16% were large firms.

The low adoption rate may seem underwhelming on the ground, El Salvador has existed on the U.S. dollar standard since 2001.Not like the other currencies of other arising economies, El Salvador’s major medium of trade is not inclined to exchange-rate volatility. Even in this atmosphere, more than one out of 10 businesses in the nation noted Bitcoin usage over a 5-month duration.Nayib Bukele, Salvadoran President, has put BTC near the centre of his financial improvement technique even as associations such as the International Monetary Fund or IMF and Moody’s Investors Service have instructed against adopting the virtual currency.

However, El Salvador is coming in front with its crypto policy by publishing a $1 billion price of Bitcoin treaties. Bukele is planning to talk at the forthcoming Bitcoin 2022 conference, where he has pledged an enormous surprise.


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