As false news, Nexo denies accusations that it cheated a children’s charity.

October 2, 2022

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As false news, Nexo denies accusations that it cheated a children’s charity.

In the latest post on the blog, he replied that “clear lie and the color of the campaign” for “humorous assembly”.Credit and loans for loans have been called for fake news and training at the moment. Nexo says the victim is anonymous accounting campaigns on Twitter and wants to take advantage of short sales during a “miserable market”.”Many anonymous accounts on Twitter use lies and deviations in another bricklayer against Nexo and benefit from short opportunities in the sad market.” Supporting this statement, NEXO created an “ordinary formula” for fake news and advised readers to see. This time, Nexo begins with an “incomprehensible” statement to make readers abandon logic while gaining an online following through sentimentality.

While Nexo said it was attacked by several anonymous Twitter accounts, it singled out @otteroooo for a tweet that accused the company’s founders of embezzling funds from the charity. To discredit the defendant, Nexo provided images of a conversation in which he asked for $ 50,000 to sell the @otterooo Twitter account. He was also allegedly embezzled from a Bulgarian children’s charity linked to a man named Kostiantyn Krastov. One of the founders of Nexo, Kosta Kantsev, is a completely different person. Other techniques cited by Nexo include “embellishing statements” with attractive but insignificant information, links to government agencies, censoring comments to verify the story, and feigning noble intentions.

The publication was signed, inviting readers to distinguish real news from fake news with a plan to benefit from the result.The fall of crypto winter has put many platforms under pressure. However, Nexo says its cautious approach and careful risk management strategy have positioned it well for this difficult period. At the height of the failure, Three Arrows Capital (3AC) tweeted that it had no contact with Nexo. Two years ago, Nexo said it had suspended 3AC’s unsecured line of credit after discovering they had brokered the deal.


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