Apple Refused to Respond to Lawsuit Regarding Crypto Wallet App

October 13, 2022


Apple Refused to Respond to Lawsuit Regarding Crypto Wallet App. Apple has been saved from a “Toast Plus” class action lawsuit over a fake crypto wallet app on the Apple App Store. A federal judge in California ruled that it is a protection. A customer sued a tech company after downloading a fraudulent program and losing some cryptocurrency.

Judge Phyllis J. Hamilton, the US District Court for the Northern District of California, ruled in a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc., which downloaded a fake crypto-wallet app on the company’s App Store. The company said it was not responsible, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Crypto investor Hadona Tip’s plaintiff has accused Apple of hosting a fraudulent mobile app that mimics the legitimate Toast Plus XRP wallet. This fake program had the same name and address as its legitimate version. Last September, he filed a class-action lawsuit against the tech company in federal court in Maryland. In December, the case was transferred to the Northern District of California.

The lawsuit alleges that in January 2018, the plaintiff downloaded a fake app from the Apple App Store and used it to begin transferring approximately 474 XRP coins from the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange to a Rippex wallet. Rippex was shut down in February 2018, but the plaintiff can still access his coins from other wallets. The plaintiff then “linked his XRP private key or passphrase to Toast Plus in March 2021.” However, when he checked his Toast Plus account in August 2021, he found that his account had been deleted in March 2021 and the XRP coins he had deposited were nowhere to be found. Deep sought more than $5,000 in damages for Apple hosting a fraudulent crypto wallet program. His co-plaintiff, Ryomi Nagao, claims he lost $500,000. Judge Hamilton agreed with Apple that the tech company could not be held responsible for the fake app. According to Hamilton’s September report, Apple is immune under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 2 judgments.

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