Among the issues covered by Janet Yellen when she met with Japanese authorities was stablecoin.

July 27, 2022

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Among the issues covered by Janet Yellen when she met with Japanese authorities was stablecoin. According to Reuters, U.S. Treasury Janet Yellen met with Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda to discuss several multilateral financial regulatory issues, including stable currencies. According to reports, the finance minister also met with Japanese finance minister Shunichi Suzuki and discussed the national currencies of the two countries. The U.S. dollar has recently faced rising inflation, and the Japanese yen is trading at its lowest level in more than two decades against the green dollar. Meanwhile, Secretary Yellen met with the head of the Japan Financial Services Agency, Commissioner Junichi Nakajima. The session focused on a range of issues including “sustainable finance, cryptocurrencies and stable currencies”.Senior officials stressed that the U.S. Treasury Department and Japan FSA will continue to cooperate bilaterally and internationally.Yellen is working on regulating stable currencies since taking office, Secretary Yellen has demanded continued regulation of stablecoins. Recent events, such as the eruption of UST Terra, have increased its clarity to ensure accurate monitoring.

As the president of the financial markets, he emphasized that “the urgent need to ensure that the federal structure affects the standard and community.”The United States has announced the importance of legal efforts to create a monitoring structure for the main currency and resolving current and future risks.When he appeared on the Senate Committee, the Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs in May, Jalan also noted that the urgent need to create a monitoring structure for brackets. In his testimony, he explains that Terra USD is also “a quick creation of a product, the danger of financial stability and that we need a structure.Cryptography companies with Russian communications in a separate development, the US government has called on Japan to ensure that encrypted companies in the country reduce relations with Russia.Japan must close companies operating in the Irkutsky region in Siberia. The government is specially mentioned. According to the US government, these actions are to ensure that Russia does not avoid sanctions by these companies.


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