Amazon To Launch New Bedrock AI Service To Take On OpenAI and Google

April 14, 2023


AWS is all set to launch Bedrock which is an AI service that will allow users to build generative models from A121 Labs, Stability AI, Anthropic, and Amazon. This announcement has made it evident that Amazon is competing with Google and Microsoft on the matter.

Bedrock would allow Amazon Web Services (AWS) users to build generative AI from the foundation models. Since it is a serverless experience, therefore users can privately customize FMs based on their data while integrating and deploying them into their applications.  Bedrock is also believed to provide–platform API access to stability AI models which is a popular text-to-image generator, Stable Diffusion too.

However, users would not be limited to Amazon’s in–house FMs as the Bedrock integration would be suitable for all industry models including Claude, which is a conversational agent from Anthropic and is built using the company’s Constitutional AI foundation. The other popular model includes Jurassic -2, which is a multi–lingual language learning model (LLM).

Bedrock facilitates users to use preexisting FMs as a backbone for supporting data. The existing customers on AWS can bring their data to the AWS ecosystem implying that data will remain secure on Amazon’s cloud.

Along with Bedrock’s launch, Amazon has also announced the launch of Titan comprising two new foundation models that are developed by Amazon Machine Learning. As a result, both Titan and Bedrock are all set to join the first wave of public-facing generative AI models and make the ecosystem more competitive.

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